SunCoke HRSG Tube Replacement

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2011 Fall Emergency Tube replacement within a HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) was required for one of Granite City’s Industrial companies. Based on plant engineers calculations and NDE analysis, it was determined that the tubes had a high chance of failure prior to their 2012 spring outage when they would have more time to schedule repairs. They called on Icon on a Monday afternoon. By Friday night 19 tubes were replace, UT Tested before and after PWHT. The boiler tubes were 1-1/2” diameter, T91/P91 material. During the installation it was recognized that if a new welding procedure was not created and proven, Icon would run out of time on the already tight schedule. Icon was able to create a new weld procedure and prove it which cut approx. 1-2 hrs off of each weld and enable us to finish ahead of schedule. There were approx. 40 welds completed during this project. This project was completed safely, with no incidents or accidents, ahead of schedule, and under budget. Icon utilized their ASME BPV “R” stamp for these repairs.