Memorial Hospital East

Design Build Mechanical icon Mechanical

This project is a green field site in Shiloh, IL. It will be a part of the Memorial East Hospital system of Belleville, IL.

As the Design Assist HVAC contractor, icon is responsible for the completion of the design and construction documents.

This project is a perfect example of how Design Assist can work. This project was designed to 90% drawings. It was released for bid and the cost of the project ran over the anticipated budgets. icon was asked to review the design and offer suggestions on how to reduce the overall cost of the project. Had this phase been completed during the design phase the entire project would have maintained its schedule. Instead, several weeks were lost due to revisions to the scope and design.

The revised HVAC design not only reduced the mechanical budget but we were able to improve the energy efficiency, reduce the structural steel framing requirements and lower the electrical budget.


Provide revised design to meet budget:

94 Bed Hospital



Intensive care units

Cardiac catheterization lab

Emergency room and surgical suites

 Design Assist Contractor:

HVAC Systems

1,000 tons operating 500 ton standby

(7) AHUs

(343) VAV with hot water coils

(3) Gas fired boilers

(578) Med Gas outlets

(12) OR booms

RO /DI piping

Fuel oil piping