icon Mechanical Welcomes US Senator to Granite City Headquarters

About 4 months ago I had the pleasure of meeting then Congresswomen Tammy Duckworth at a local Granite City Restaurant. She was meeting with local official that included my friend Dr. Bob Daiber with the Madison County Government Regional Office of Education. They were discussing workforce development and Bob mentioned the program icon was doing with teachers and counselors. Bob was kind enough to introduce me to the Congresswomen who seemed to be genuinely interceded in our program. We spoke briefly, I gave her my business card and she said that she would like to meet again the next time she was in the area.

After watching her campaign and ultimately winning the US Senator seat once occupied by President Obama I was sure that she would be for too busy to ever stop by Granite City. But true to her word the next time she was in the area her office reached out to us.

We had the pleasure of hosting the Senator and her team of advisors on Monday April 17. We toured our fabrication facilities as well as our engineering and design group. Her knowledge of our industry and passion for workforce was very clear. She shared several programs that she was interested in developing and that aligned with similar programs we are currently involved.

Her commitment to the region and workforce was very encouraging. It really was special day for everyone at icon Mechanical.