Molina Healthcare

Owner Molina Healthcare
Architect ARCO GMA
Design Build Mechanical icon Mechanical
Design Assist Mechanical icon Mechanical
Value of icon's Work $5,000,000

icon Mechanical served as the Design/Build Mechanical Contractor for this LEED Platinum project. This project consisted of a new office space, dedicated computer room, UPS room, and receiving warehouse.

icon Mechanical worked closely with the owner, general contractor, and electrical contractor to create a combination of systems that were efficient enough to gain a LEED silver certification and satisfied the needs of the owner.

The new office portion is conditioned using high efficiency roof top units utilizing space temperature and CO2 sensors to ensure the space is adequately cooled and CO2 is controlled. This system provides a very efficient way to condition the office space.

The computer room is conditioned using DX computer room equipment laid out to provide the space with a hot/cold aisle setup. The raised floor is pressurized using down-flow computer room units sending conditioned air and humidity control throughout the entire computer room while the server racks are complimented by a high density in-rack cooling system. With these systems, the computer room maintains a cool 68° F and 40% RH.

With this building being a critical environment, icon Mechanical provided a complete Building Management System. This system monitors all of the RTU’s, CRAC’s, UPS’s, exhaust fans, and heaters and is setup to email alarms to the correct personnel if an emergency arises. This minimizes downtime and damage caused by system failures. The system, also, allows Molina Healthcare to view all of the mechanical systems from a remote.