SunCoke Gateway Energy Hot Box

Owner SunCoke Energy - Granite City Operations
Construction Manager icon Mechanical
Design Build Mechanical icon Mechanical
Value of icon's Work $155,000

icon Mechanical self-performed this project for SunCoke Energy GCO Coke Plant in Southwestern Illinois.

This project consisted of:

  • Installation of additions beams and cross bracing to solidify the existing Flat Push Hot Car Trolley Frame.
  • Replacement of the Flat Push Hot Car Hot Box. This was completed in one shift.

Items completed during the box change out shift:

  • Disconnecting air piping from existing Hot Box.
  • Disconnection of traverse and lift hydraulic cylinders from existing Hot Box.
  • Installation of (3) W12 load rated lifting beams between the trolley and existing Hot Box.
  • Removal of the 160,000 pound Hot Box with side clearances of less than 3” in some locations.
  • Installation of the new Hot Box, these picks were completed with a 550 ton hydraulic crane.
  • Removal of the (3) W12 lifting beams from between the trolley and the new Hot Box.
  • Reconnecting the air piping to the new Hot Box.
  • Reconnecting the cylinders to the new Hot Box.