Ameren Acid/Caustic Polisher Relocation

Owner Ameren Sioux
Construction Manager icon Mechanical
Design Build Mechanical icon Mechanical
Value of icon's Work $325,000

icon Mechanical served as the General Contractor as well as the Mechanical Contractor for this Ameren-Sioux Power Plant in Mid-Eastern Missouri. This outage project consisted of relocating (2) Acid/Caustic Polisher systems, design and fabrication of support systems and piping fabrication, 347 S.S. piping fabrication and installation, demolition and relocation of electrical panels, concrete containment pad (36” high, 3’ thick footer), and hoisting/setting pre-manufactured double walled Bulk Acid/Caustic tanks.

icon Mechanical worked closely with the owner to assist in the successful coordination of the (2) 36 hr. outages for the relocation of the Acid/Caustic polisher heat exchangers, pumps, and piping demolition and tie-ins.

General Contracting Role

Site Safety

AWS-CWI Certification

12-hr. shifts

Uncommon S.S. Material procurement

Quality Control Plan Design

Quality Control Plan Implementation

PTFE lined C.S. piping with Ductle Iron Flanges