Suncoke & Gateway Energy l New Coke Plant

Granite City, IL
Owner Suncoke & Gateway Energy
Value of icon's Work $22,000,000

icon served as the mechanical subcontractor for this new facility, responsible for piping and equipment setting.

SunCoke Energy Inc. and Gateway Energy and Coke Co. were confident in relying on icon Mechanical to meet the rigorous demands of a revolutionary new $290 million coke oven and steam distribution system to meet the needs of U.S. Steel in Granite City, Ill. That’s because icon Mechanical had repeatedly provided comprehensive industrial mechanical construction services to U.S. Steel for more than 18 years when the ambitious project commenced in 2008.  The new plant’s 120 heat recovery ovens have the capacity to produce 650,000 tons of screened blast furnace coke from bituminous coal annually using a very clean process. icon’s experienced project leaders kept the massive project on schedule, closely coordinating the work of up to 90 icon pipe fitters and millwrights with up to 900 construction workers overall. In addition to providing mechanical construction services for the process and distribution systems, icon was also responsible for the recovery and transfer of the gas to the cogeneration plant built by U.S. Steel.

Project Components

  • Coal and coke handling conveyors
  • Six 1,200-psi superheated steam generators
  • Three coke batteries with 120 ovens
  • A flue gas desulfurization plant to meet EPA guidelines
  • A coke wharf and quench tower
  • 30,000 feet of underground HDPE utility piping
  • 200,000+ manhours – gas and air piping


Capabilities Used