Ameren Venice Power Station

Owner Ameren UE
Construction Manager McCarthy
Design Build Mechanical icon Mechanical
Value of icon's Work $1,000,000

icon Mechanical served as the industrial piping contractor for the installation of a 50MW Combustion Gas Turbine on this $25 million power generation project. The turbine-generator will use natural gas and fuel oil for supplying peaking power for this Midwest Utility Company. icon was presented with the task of installing the underground utilities during the winter months followed by the installation of critical piping systems on the turbine-generator.

Cleanliness was imperative for the fuel systems and hydraulic systems installed on the turbine generator. Very stringent requirements involving microscopic laboratory testing were imposed for pipe cleaning and inspection. icon addressed this issue by strict field inspection and specialized training for the pipefitter crews involved with the pipe installation.

A leak-proof system was another absolute requirement. The high- pressure natural gas was delivered to the turbine through a 10” pipeline and tested at 750 psig. The fuel oil was gravity feed to a booster station through a 6” pipeline tested at 450 psig. Hydraulic piping was constructed of heavy wall stainless steel and tested at 7500 psig. Stainless steel tubing was designed for the water injection system that was tested at 3300 psig.

With effective planning and scheduling this project was awarded a bonus for a completion 20 days prior to the contract deadline.