Venyu Data Center

Baton Rouge, LA
Owner Venyu
Construction Manager Data Specialists, Inc.
Design Build Mechanical icon Mechanical
Design Assist Mechanical icon Mechanical
Value of icon's Work $2,036,000

This data center is 9,600 sq. ft. and utilizes the hot aisle cold aisle design. The supply air distribution is via Ductsox and return air is drawn back through ceiling grilles located in the hot aisles.

The mezzanine above the data center houses (8) 36,000 cfm AHU’s which are all driven by vfd’s controlled by supply plenum static pressure. Each supply plenum contains motorized dampers which are operated by the need for cooling in the zones they serve. This allows for only the proper amount of cooling required to each zone and to reduce energy cost. Humidification is delivered from (3) stand allow humidifiers.

Outside of the mezzanine on the roof are (4) 200-ton air cooled chillers and (3) chilled water pumps. The chillers each have six-stages of cooling and the pumps are controlled by vfd’s controlled by required gpm of flow. All chilled water piping is welded and flanged for minimal if any chance of leakage.

The HVAC design incorporated equipment redundancy by having and additional unit always in standby when data center is at full capacity. An EMS control system monitors all equipment and rotates equipment weekly to control proper runtime on all equipment.