Zurich North America Headquarters

Schaumburg, IL
Owner Zurich North America
Architect Goettsch Partners / Grand Island, Cannon Deisgn Inc.
Construction Manager Clayco Construction
Design Build Mechanical icon Mechanical
Value of icon's Work $13,800,000
LEED Certification Platinum

Project Highlights

  • 783,000 SQFT Office Complex
  • Unique Design Composed of Three Primary “Bars,” Offset and Stacked – (2) 5-Story Bars & (1) 11-Story Bar
  • Largest Single Tenant Facility Built in the Chicago Region Since 2001
  • Largest LEED Platinum Certified Building in North America
  • Architectural Details Required Concealed Supply and Return Air Systems
  • Programmable Shade Systems Utilized to Adjust According to Light and Temperature
  • Only Two Core Areas (18 Structural Columns) to Bring Mechanical Systems to North Bar
  • Cantilevered Floor System Required Special Mechanical Application
  • Large Open Office Areas Required Well-Balanced Mechanical Systems

Mechanical Components

  • Hi-Efficiency Magnetic Bearing Water-Cooled Chillers with VFD
  • 1,950 Tons of Centrifugal Cooling with 200 Tons of Absorbers
  • 12 Air Handlers Providing over 559,000 CFM of Conditioned Air
  • Winter Free Cooling Heat Exchanger
  • VFD Driven Pumps and Fans
  • SCR (100% Modulating) Electric Heat
  • Energy Recovery Wheel for Ventilation Air
  • Chilled Water / SCR Electric Heat Air Handling Units
  • Zone Control
  • Interior: Cooling Only VAV
  • Perimeter: Parallel Fan Powered Terminal with SCR Electric Heat
  • Chilled Water Tenant Loop Connections – Two per Wing


  • 2017 ‘Best Green Project,’ ENR Magazine’s Best Projects Awards
  • 2017 Design-Build Merit Award, Design-Build Institute of America 
  • 2017 International Architecture Award – Corporate Buildings, International Architecture Awards, The Chicago Athenaeum and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd. 
  • 2017 Keystone Award, AGCMO 


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