Piping fabrication is essential to what we do in our St. Louis area facility. icon Mechanical believes that providing superior service in mechanical contracting capabilities must include consistent, high-quality fabricated pipe, process skids, CIP systems and valve clusters.

State-of-the-Art Facility

To ensure icon remains a reliable source of these products, we constructed our own piping fabrication facility. Our UA-approved shop gives us complete control over manufacturing quality. The climate-controlled manufacturing environment results in fewer man-hours in the field, quicker installation, increased safety and project quality. This investment in our own business translates directly to your investment as our client.

Our piping fabrication facility includes:

  • 16,000 square foot piping fabrication shop and warehouse. We’ve created a space equipped for producing world-class work that accommodates even the largest projects.
  • State-of-the-art plasma pipe cutting machine. With this tool we can produce piping spools for large-scale, fast-paced projects on time with outstanding quality
  • CAD/CAM software. This technology allows coordinated drawings to be sent directly from the drawing to file to piping spool drawings to the plasma-cutting machine.
  • Pipe Fitters Local 439 craftsmen. These industry professionals can quickly fabricate piping for the largest high-pressure industrial project to the smallest grooved HVAC piping.
  • Invaluable Experience. Because of our strengths in heavy industrial, medical laboratory, hospital facilities, and commercial HVAC, our tradesmen are knowledgeable and skilled in fabricating piping for any type of application.


We’re serious about setting ourselves apart within in our industry. The most important ways we do this are by obtaining certifications for key industry standards, and by continuing to educate ourselves, always staying one step ahead.

  • ASME Code Stamp
  • S Stamp Covers
    • Boiler Proper Piping (Section I)
    • Boiler External Piping (B31.1 code)
    • Non-Boiler External Piping (B31.X)
  • NBIC Code Stamp
  • R Stamp
    • Repairs and alterations of existing pressure retaining items