icon Mechanical Recognized For Work On Shreveport Data Centers


icon Mechanical received recognition for mechanical design and installation completed on the Shreveport, Louisiana Data Center, Phase I. Its client, Venyu Solutions, LLC, received an Uptime Institute Tier III certification for constructed facilities. The Shreveport Data Center Phase I has now fulfilled its concurrent maintainability criteria. The Uptime Institute Professional Services has clear-cut criteria for each Tier Certification, making them an objective evaluator of the functionality and capacity of data centers. The Shreveport Data Center, Phase I facility is the only Tier rated facility in Louisiana and the only 46th Tier III facility in the United States. The Uptime Institute Professional Services, an internationally recognized, third-party data center evaluator, grants Tier Certification.

To receive this certification, icon Mechanical and its team performed 62 demonstrations in one week proving the design functioned properly while under load. The Tier III Certification is based on a total combined IT load of 600 kW comprised of up to 600 kW for the Data Hall and up to 42 kW for the Demarcation Room. The total combined load of the two rooms is limited to 600 kW.

The designed demonstrations mimic the operating conditions of the data center at full load and show concurrent maintainability of all the infrastructure components. (i.e. Chillers, Pumps, Generators, Air Handlers, UPS, etc.). “It was our pleasure to be able to support Venyu in receiving this certification; it truly was a team effort.” said icon Mechanical Project Manager Dan Ems.

The Tier III Concurrent Maintainability criteria is founded on the capability to complete planned facility maintenance or modification on a scheduled bases, equipment failures or distribution path faults which may lead to unplanned outages.

icon’s design of the mechanical systems included an N+1 design which in the world of data centers is also called parallel redundancy. It is a safeguard to ensure that there is uninterrupted power and mechanical systems. A key component to this was the design and installation of multiple high performance isolation valves. Through a collaborative effort with the owner and operations team we were able to identify key areas that would require regularly scheduled maintenance. In addition to the isolation valves we used BacNet controls, which enables the operations team to take one piece of equipment off line for service and direct the load to another piece of equipment. This design will provide zero outage during service.

The Data Center’s Certification is valid until the facility is modified, including any changes to the capacity components or distribution paths depicted in the design and submitted for review.

The Shreveport, Louisiana data center is located in the heart of downtown Shreveport.