icon’s Heavy Metal Shop. We Can Build Your Vision.

icon’s heavy metal facility allows for the production of customized, pre-fabricated heavy-gauge industrial metals of all shapes and sizes, up to 40-feet in length. Our 14,400SF designated, heavy metal shop is designed to meet the growing demands of industrial clients by having the capacity to produce an array of thick-gauge components, including high-end, large-scale, pre-fabricated duct.

Our heavy metal shop allows for building in advance within safe, environmentally-controlled conditions. This significantly speeds completion time, providing a real differentiator for icon as well as our customers facing increasingly compressed and accelerated construction schedules.

For more information about our Heavy Metal Fabrication and Repair: https://joom.ag/qgpI

We can design it, build it, and install it.

icon has the Tools for the Job.

  • (2) 10-Ton Overhead Cranes

    These 10-ton cranes allow for large-grade industrial materials and modules to be moved around with ease. Our shop is laid out to handle raw material up to 40′ in length.

  • CNC Hydraulic Plate Roll

    Our CNC plate roll produces cylindrical duct in sections up to 10′ in length and has the capacity of rolling up to 1/2″ plate. The plate is pre-bent to allow for perfectly round, industrial-sized duct. This programmable CNC plate roll maximizes productivity, storing our custom settings for diameters and shape references.

  • Accupress Hydraulic Plate Shear

    The plate shear allows our tradespeople to cut up to 1/2″ plate with 12′ long capacity. It also possesses a 36″ backgauge travel, automatic swing-up backstop.

  • 400-Ton Accupress Press Break

    The press break bends metal and has the capacity to handle 12′ long sections with up to 3/8″ plate thickness. The three-axis, CNC backgauge enables our team to save time, increase precision, and improve safety.

  • 10' External Longitudinal Seamer

    icon’s seam welder allows our team to weld up to 10′ long sections of duct, with a 3/8″ plate capacity. This machine is also capable of purging, as well as welding pieces up to 78″ in diameter.

  • 620 HD Plasma Cutter

    icon’s plasma cutter features a 6′ x 20′ cutting area with a cutting speed of up to 200″ per minute. This machine is also capable of cutting up to 1″ plate.

  • Piranha P-65 Iron Worker

    The Iron Worker is used for punching holes and notching. Specialty uses include punching holes in legs of channels, and it can also be used to bend plate (up to 1/2″ by 12″ plate). It will shear 2″ to 6″ channel as well as rods up to 1″.

  • CNC Marvel Saw

    The Marvel saw is used for cutting angles, channels, and other shapes. The CNC capabilities allows for cutting various degrees. The tool also features automatic feed and hold-downs, with a blade speed of 60-400 FPM.