We Design The Systems That Bring Comfort To the Masses

A perfectly functioning, well-designed HVAC system is something we all take for granted. Everywhere we go, out of our view, there’s an HVAC system that was expertly designed for that space which allows us to go on with the business of living with comfort and ease.

Behind the scenes, these complex systems take careful planning to execute. The engineers at icon Mechanical have been planning these systems for years. This experience in HVAC design has given us an edge. Combined with our progressive approach to fabrication, we’ve been able to think outside of the box and provide sophisticated HVAC systems for our clients that far exceed their expectations.

As a full service HVAC contractor in the St. Louis area, we provide plan and spec as well as design/build HVAC sheet metal and piping design, and installations.

Equipped With The Tools To Succeed

Great planning and execution require the right tools to make it happen. We’ve designed our success by surrounding ourselves with everything we need to build and innovate on behalf of our clients.

  • 13,000 square foot sheet metal fabrication shop.
  • 16,000 square foot pipe fabrication shop.
  • In-house design staff of LEED accredited Professional Registered Engineers, along with Cad and BIM designers.
  • Project managers trained in preconstruction strategies, scheduling, commissioning, and utilization of safe and efficient installation methods.
  • 24 hour service department that provides start-up, preventative maintenance, repair, replacement and emergency service for our customers.