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Innovative Chiller Retrofit Projected to Save University Over $500,000.

The University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis experienced a catastrophic failure of its chiller water plant requiring an expedited solution. The existing plant was comprised of (2) 400T centrifugal supporting a 380T building load.

Tight space and challenging access required the failed chillers to be cut into pieces and removed via an air intake pit.  Replacing the units with like equipment was not possible.

The Solution

icon Mechanical evaluated the problem, recalculated building cooling loads and performed engineering  analysis in specifying alternative options.

We determined a modular approach presented the best solution. This entailed upfitting the plant with new, Multi-Stack modular-flooded shell chillers featuring four MagLev® compressors (2) 140T and (2) 120T modules.

The Result

The new MagLev®  units enabled faster and safer installation, allow for N+1 redundancy and a 280T reduction in overall plant tonnage.

The equipment can operate in “pony” mode  enabling the 520T plant to unload to 12T — 10% of the smallest compressor.

This incredible efficiency is projected to save the client at least $25k per year in energy costs equating to about  $500k over the life of the units.  The energy efficiency also qualified the university for $26k in rebates from Ameren — the regional energy provider.



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