HVAC/Process/Utility Piping, Nissan

Smyrna, TN
Owner Panatonni / CRG / Nissan
Construction Manager Clayco
Design Build Mechanical icon Mechanical
Value of icon's Work $14,000,000

icon Mechanical served as the design/build mechanical contractor for providing utility services throughout this half-million square foot Nissan production facility. The project consists of over 40,000+ ft. of pipe, much of it built into 54 pipe racks with multiple utility systems on each rack.

The utility plant boasts

  • Two [2] 1,500T Centrifugal Chillers
  • Two [2] 1,600 CFM Water Cooled Air Compressors
  • AHU Coil Piping Integrated with Isolation & Control Valves
  • Chilled Water Pump Skid
  • Tower Water Pump Skid
  • Process Water Pump Skid

All components were fabricated in our shop and transported to site. The entire project has focused on modularization for cost effective, accelerated and safe installation.



Official Notice to Proceed: July 2016 / Initial ISO’s to Fab Shop: August 2016 (4 weeks)

Mobilized to Site: September 2016 (with 24 of 54 racks ready to ship) / Substantial Completion: April 2017


Capabilities Used